As the original singer and drummer for Midnite Jammer, Mike's ability to simultaneously deliver powerful, unwavering percussion while belting out uncompromising lead vocals, is without parallel.  His voice and skill in both roles is evident on the bands first album Deep In The Night (which is the album that put Midnite Jammer on the map) and continues to impress on their most recent album, Can't Teach An Old Dog New Licks (2019).



Midnite Jammer is, by all accounts, the creation of David Murphy. From it's inception under the name Passage West, through it's evolutionary growing pains, to the established vintage rock band it is today, David has been the driving force behind the music. Having authored and played on every single song performed and produced by Midnite Jammer, the music truly is his life's work. 

David began his mastery of the guitar when he was teen, Ironically he initially resisted learning to play the instrument. However, once he had, it quickly became the only thing he wanted to do. His dedication to his craft and to the music he writes is what has carried the band through almost forty years in the Rock and Roll industry. 



After seperating from long time Midnite Jammer bassist, Peter Hill, it appeared the plans for band's next album would remain unrealized.  Luckily for the band and Midnite Jammer fans everywhere, Chris Dumott stepped in to hold the bottom down. 
Originally a California native, Chris has opened for bands like Kansas and The Nixons, and currently holds the position of bassist for another long standing Colorado band, The Voodoo Hawks. 

Influenced by great artists like Paul McCartney and Les Claypool, his hard edged style and years of experience merge seamlessly with the established Midnite Jammer sound.

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